Chubby Legs & Naked Bums take over Oxford Mi Portraits

Feathery Softness, Silky Smoothness, and aahh that New Baby Smell. (on a side note, I recently read an article where they claim that new baby smell is addicting as drugs link here) There are some things only babies have and can get away with.

I’m sure we’ve all met a baby or two with those cute big pinchable cheeks; have you ever met an adult who’s cheeks compelled you to go up and pinch? With all that softness, pinchiability (yea, I just made that up, but it works) and let us not forget ROLLS, lots and lots of rolls, my favorite portraits of babies are the Naked ones! (more…)


Magic Kingdom

Guess what happened today?  It rained?  Why would I be so happy about rain you ask?  Because it wasn’t snow!  I am tired of all the snow, and not looking forward to the mud pit that will be my back yard.

I’m looking taking the Rain from today as a sign, a sign that warm weather is on the way, a sign that soon flowers will burst forth from the snow that’s left over, and stretch for the sky, basking in the warmth of the sun.  Know that I (along with most of you I’m sure) will be doing the same.  Why am I so excited?  With nice weather, comes magic, stylized portrait sessions, and one of my favorites, my Fairy Sessions.

This magical transformation happens once a year.  Last year, I was hoping for Fall colors, changing leaves and warm weather.  Michigan had other plans, really and my fairy sessions were a bit cold.  So, to help out my little fairies from holding off the chills, throwing off jackets between poses, I decided to bring the magic kingdom a bit earlier this year.   I’m holding off on the date (because school’s been pushed back & may be pushed a bit more-fingers crossed).

Here is one of my fairies.  She rocked it.

Sleep little Fairy, Sleep

Oxford Fairy Portrait

Staring off to the second star on the right.

Oakland County Fairy Portraits

What can I get up to today

In the arms of my daughter

I found this, while cleaning and organizing my files.


I’m sitting on a steel bench, looking down at a show… but it’s so familiar.  Wait, that’s me.  I’m down there…. We are playing rock band… not the video game version, but with playskool mics, acoustic guitars, and Heman & She-ra castles as drums.  There’s Justin rock’n out on the guitar and the mic.  It seems so real. OOhhh what’s happening?  There Justin and I am on his dirt bike, riding through the old (insert name here) camp grounds, my stomach flips as we jump the hills, I giggle as I hold onto his waist tighter. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, this relieved.   Now I’m walking down a hallway, through steel swinging doors, and there he is, on the autopsy table.   (more…)

One Girls Story of Survival.

Meet Judith, a warrior.  She is strong, she is beautiful, and she is not yet 16.  Judith has secretes, and I hope one day she’ll let me share them all to you, but as of now, she is shy.  But like every not quite teenage girl we worry a bit to much of how we do or do not look.  Girls with straight hair want curly, girls with curly hair want straight.  Those who are tall want to be shorter, those who are shorter would like to be a tad taller…….

I’m not able to post her Mother’s Reaction to this post. 😦  However, it’s on FB.


Bring Beauty to all ages

It’s National Eating Disorder week.  I have a fact that you won’t believe, unless you are a mom of a young girl.  Then, like myself, I bet you can “remember a comment” that your young daughter has made, and this number won’t seem so outlandish.

I recently read an article, 5 Myths about Eating Disorders where it states that the National Eating Disorder Association reports that 42% of first-graders want to be thinner. 

I”ll let you take a moment in digest that information.  That is a sad & scary thought, isn’t it.  I know I can relate.  Please take a moment to read the bit under “Meet your Photographer” .


This was the sweater my daughter felt fat in.                           These photos are for her 7th birthday.

309849_2457670956918_534405097_n Lapeer_children_portraits (22) Lapeer_children_portraits (20)

I know we are our children’s biggest role models.   We strive to teach them good habits their entire life.  We remind them to say please and thank you, give the elder their seat, & eat their veggies.  We hope they learn how to treat others in a relationship, how to be self confident, not give into peer pressure, and I’m sure most can relate to needing to discuss “hot topics” earlier and earlier with each passing child.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a child learns by our example more then by what we “preach”.  I remember my mother saying “do what I say, not what I do” .  But it’s hard.  Everyday, your child seeing you chastising your figure, comparing yourself to that famous person on the magazine (who’s been Photoshopped btw)  with media & Hollywood setting unrealistic expectations.    Now I’m not saying  Gluttony.  is ok, and  sitting on the couch for hours on end eating bon bon’s & ice cream is a good example.

But instead of constant criticizing our figure, tossing clothes on the bed in an exasperated attempt to find something to wear, maybe we (myself included) need to focus on loving who we are, how we are, and know that we would be setting a good example for our children.   I exercise at home (when my arm isn’t in a sling, and let me tell you, typing one handed is a bit difficult) so my daughter can see, not that I”m not happy with my appearance, but my steps to be healthier & happier with myself (on all aspects)

So,  here it is.  For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I want to hear about your child’s  (boy or girl) self examination. (school age only)  What they have mentioned in the past that they don’t like about themselves.   WHY?  you ask.  Simple, because I will give them a portrait session, where they will end up LOVING themselves. Seeing that they are beautiful, special, unique & wonderful.  It’s no contest, all who share their TRUE story will get a session and 1 5×7 (no obligation to buy).   I will be taking stories up until march 15th.   Major Caryn Follier of the US Army, with Arbone will teach about skin care & healthy living prior to the session.

Please submit your story by filling out the contact form below.  I look forward to meeting you & helping your child love who they are!

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A Mother’s Love Portrait Session

Dates at the movies, road trips, and snap shots of this fine never-ending Michigan Winter, all captured with ease of the camera phone, showcasing my adventures with my daughter.


I love photographs, of all kinds (you can see why Portraits are so important to me in this blog post). Recently, I organized my personal photos, picasa is pretty great, this program detects faces, and allows you to tag events. It is pretty great, but it allowed me to realize how little of the snapshots I was in with my daughter. It is definitely accurate to say I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

These mementos are nice to have. And let’s be honest, they are not the most flattering…… a blank stare, hoping you are able to look natural as you are holding the camera still as possible, hoping, praying that your hand is steady enough as not to blur that one good enough shot.

308234_2299355599133_1847974680_n 1004878_10201895535405808_1523970222_n 75018_1606386275333_6712327_n

And in honor of my relationship with my daughter, I am offering A Mother’s Love portrait session. These limited portrait sessions are a great way to have lasting quality portraits, to love, cherish, and pass down for generations to come.


Chose from three packages at special pricing, where even the smallest package comes with two (2) mini albums. Other features are a personalized app that allows you to take your portraits with you on the go, proofs to take home that day (yay no waiting!) and a full size custom album with a beautiful lined presentation box. These make a great gift for mother’s day for grandma!

Sessions are available at this special pricing from March 22-29th only, and are limited in number. The first 5 to book will receive a special gift you won’t want to miss! Contact me today to reserve your A Mother’s love portrait session! 248.977.8136 or

Solitude is healthy

I’ve completed another chapter in A Weekend to change your life, all of this is focusing on Solitude.
I remember in HS, our assistant band director, let’s call her Mrs B, would come into my restaurant every Sunday and have lunch by herself.  At the time I thought she had to be the biggest looser in the world.  (please keep in mind I was 17) Who in their right mind would want to go to a restaurant by themselves? 

Fast forward many years, I’m way out of HS, and in the AF having lunch by myself.  Enjoying the solitude.  No one barking orders, no friends dishing gossip, no one complaining about anything.  It was an odd feeling at first, I recall being a bit self conscious of everyone staring (no one was even paying attention) at the poor soul who HAD to have lunch by myself.  It was a conscious decision on my part, I needed a bit of a reprieve.  Then, I did it again.   I enjoy my time to myself, I don’t always make it a priority, but according to Joan, I must, and so should you.

“Seeking solitude each day is a way to stay present, focused and alive to my own individual spirit.”  This is when nothing major is happening in our lives, but honestly, how often does that happen?  Since December of 2013 I have had 3 major life events taking place, one of which is my Aunt’s Murder being suitable for Parole- Life happens.  Needless to say, my Solitude time has increased, allowing me extra time to process, understand, heal & rejuvenate getting ready for the next event.  

I bet you are reading this, thinking, “OK, I haven’t had a major event YET”, as you are looking for the nearest piece of wood furniture – but keep in mind that even little endings we endure leave wounds that must be healed.

The bottom line, take the time for yourself, for solitude & solace.