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Chubby Legs & Naked Bums take over Oxford Mi Portraits

Feathery Softness, Silky Smoothness, and aahh that New Baby Smell. (on a side note, I recently read an article where they claim that new baby smell is addicting as drugs link here) There are some things only babies have and can get away with.

I’m sure we’ve all met a baby or two with those cute big pinchable cheeks; have you ever met an adult who’s cheeks compelled you to go up and pinch? With all that softness, pinchiability (yea, I just made that up, but it works) and let us not forget ROLLS, lots and lots of rolls, my favorite portraits of babies are the Naked ones! (more…)


Seasoned Mom opts for real portraits by Oxford Mi Photography Studio

She is finally here, that precious bundle of joy, that little girl that you’ve longed for. A little part of you. Then reality hits, it’s not that Sound of Music fantasy we all imagine. Amongst the pandemonium of life, the mountains of never ending laundry, the poop exploisions that even the best diaper could not tame, the constant crying when she’s hungry, when she’s wet, when she’s tired, and more crying when she wants held, you find your peace.

Meet Martene. She is a lovely 2nd time mom, who by her own admission would have probably felt different about her favorite portraits from this session, if this were her first time around.
As a seasoned veteran, Martene is able to find the peace in the midst of the chaos. She finds her happy place while her ears may be ringing. Believe it or not, this was the scene during our newborn portrait session at my studio in Oxford Michigan.  newborn_portraits_oakland_county_miThis is one of my favorite portraits from this session, and Martene’s also. And as much as I love this photo, if this would have been baby #1 for Martene instead of baby #2, I would not have shown this to her. As fresh parents we feel like we need to live up to this perfect ideal. That we, somehow are considered unfit, bad or just plain evil if we need a break of our precious bundle of noise…… but reality is, it’s normal, it’s ok. I had days where my daughter cried from 9am till 4 in the afternoon. That particular afternoon, I called my husband home from work early. I was done. Do you know what my adorable little daughter did? She stopped crying. As soon as he walked in the door. I was furious! But I happily handed her over, and walked out the door, trying to find my happy place. I have yet to be tested on my second child chaosppy (chaos + happy) theory, but I’ve seen it in full affect with many friends, family & clients.

Just one quick note, before I show you the only family portrait Martene picked out (which is my other favorite from this portrait session) with all the perfect family portraits that are on Pinterest, Facebook, & the world wide web, know & take solace that photographs can be deceiving. If you wanted to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth, ask to see them what really went down.  I bet the photographer has some great out takes.  So here it is, Martene’s family portrait pick! What do you think? Would you be brave enough to hang this on your wall?


For more on what goes on behind the seasons at a new born session, read  the lengths at one Mom went to here.

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Oxford Photographer Offers Cake Smash Sessions

cake_smash_clarkston Cake_smash_lake_orion Cake_Smash_OxfordIt’s Here! Your little one is finally, well ONE! YAY~! You are so excited. You have spent Months planning the first birthday party. Countless man hours browsing Pinterest finding the perfect theme, that matches your color scheme. Invitations were sent out 3 weeks prior to the party & everyone who is anyone on your guest list has already RSVP’d. You’ve nailed this! Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you! There are even games for the older siblings! (more…)

My most recent shanghai studio photography session

These girls are just to darn cute!    The toddler was fun, dancing, and would do anything as long as she had her lolly pop, and was bribed with “lip” (chapstick”) And the 3 mo old baby, super cute, super CALM!  no fuss! I was amazed.  Here are a few of my favorites!