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My name is Cara Erskine, and I am the Owner & Photographer of Life’s Fotos Portraiture Design.   Here’s a bit about me.
I am a mother to a fantastic little girl, who allows me to practice on her, and she’s the one who inspired me to specialize in Photographing Women. This blog allows me to show you what I”m doing, recent photo shoots & a glimpse into the person behind the camera.  It’s real, truth, and I am on a personal journey &  I am documenting it right here.  Hopefully some of you will join me.

“Camera shy” is a phrase I am determined to permanently delete from the mind of every woman believing a camera lens can not be a best friend.  Let me remind you how beautiful & deserving you are, one shutter click at a time.

Life’s Fotos Portraiture Design,  509 E. Lakeville Rd, Oxford Mi | www.lifesfotos.com | 248.977.8136

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