Chubby Legs & Naked Bums take over Oxford Mi Portraits

Feathery Softness, Silky Smoothness, and aahh that New Baby Smell. (on a side note, I recently read an article where they claim that new baby smell is addicting as drugs link here) There are some things only babies have and can get away with.

I’m sure we’ve all met a baby or two with those cute big pinchable cheeks; have you ever met an adult who’s cheeks compelled you to go up and pinch? With all that softness, pinchiability (yea, I just made that up, but it works) and let us not forget ROLLS, lots and lots of rolls, my favorite portraits of babies are the Naked ones!

I make sure non of the tid bits are showing, boys or girls. And after 1 yr, all naked photos should stop. Exception, they are in a bath at home, and u just cant help yourself. I do this to my 7 yr old occasionally – she loves reading in the bath- mind you I’m not posting it all over the net, i’m waiting to humiliate her when she gets married or on her first date :P) With naked photos, 98% of the time come messes, but you know what, I”m OK with that. I EXPECT that, I am PREPARED for that! My dry cleaning bill proves it!

Here are a few of my favorite naked baby shots over the years…… some are from my “learning days” but I still love them. So sit back and enjoy some naked baby cuteness!

baby bumNatural baby in his birthday suit!bare bum in Oxford313813_127624860675960_576003522_n 1 2 3 300325_127626207342492_1996242167_n 304021_127624907342622_779696921_n   I still have lots of ideas and poses I’d love to do, so if you have a little  one who’s under 12 months old, call to schedule your session today! 248.977.8136   or email me at   For more samples of my work, visit my webpage at


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