Boobasutra Needed.

We’ve all seen them, those cute Photo’s of the babies sleeping, looking all heaven sent. Have you ever thought of what it takes to get these kind of photographs? Here’s the inside scoop, that one mom allowed me to share the lengths she’d go to.



It takes a lot of work to get photographs like these. The sessions are normally 3 hours long, lots of sshhuusshhhing, patting, and dripping of sweat, because naked babies need it to be HOT!. And Nursing, lots of nursing, for this particular mother. Bottle fed babies, their mamma’s have it easy. A NURSING mama should do a few stretches before a session, limber up… why you ask? Well… a nursing babies gets all snuggled up to mom, goes to their happy place just to be yanked away to be placed into a basket, box or a bucket. This takes them from their happy place & they are not afraid to let you know it!


This is where the Nursing Mama needs to stretch. Picture this. A diapered baby proped inside a bucket, and I’m trying to wrap some material around him, and he’s just be torn from his favorite thing. Mom’s breast, he wants it back, and he wants it now! He wasn’t ready to give it up yet…

“Do you think, you could nurse him again…..uumm… while he is in the bucket?”

Her first reaction was a look of… what did she just say? To Let me try…..


After a few attempts at trying to get a comfy position for her, she found one. Her little man was happy & we took a great series.



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