Valentines Boudoir Portraits in Oxford Mi


Oxford Michigan’s premier Boudoir Photographer

Clarkston Boudoir

Oxford Michigan’s premier Boudoir Photographer

Ortonville Boudoir

Oxford Michigan’s premier Boudoir Photographer

The aroma of fresh baked bread wafts in the air, candle light casts shadows that dance across  his face.  Taking a sip of your smooth red wine, grinning in anticipation, knowing he is going to love his little black book.   Thinking back on the photo session you had with Life’s Fotos Portraiture Design, how even though all the photos are of you, HE was secretly in everyone.  He loves your figure, especially your curves in those black lace panties, and the feel of your silk night gown.  It reminds him of the one you wore on your wedding night.    Reaching under the table, handing him a little box tied with a ribbon, you say  “Happy Valentines Day” and wait.   Watching his every movement, pulling at the end of the ribbon, letting the loose wrapping fall open, looking intensely at the his little black book marked for his eyes only.  Opening the book, he sucks in his breath, then brings his eyes to meet yours.  Feeling his desire, his need, his want, he asks for the check.

This valentines day give him a gift that goes beyond the typical run of the mil present.  Give him YOU all over again.  He will enjoying having his own little black book to sneak peaks at during the day, or while you are away to keep him company on lonely nights.

A boudoir session starts with Hair and Make up by Caroline’s  Hair Salon.   Next your photography session begins as we get to know each other a bit more.  I’ll ask you what type of a man he is,  maybe he’s a butt man, or he loves your breasts, I’ll make notes to showcase them just for him.  We’ll go over the outfits you brought, and will mix and match them with what I have in the studio.   Easing into the session, it’s more of a strip tease.  I’ll show you a few of the photos on the back of the camera, and you will be amazed at how great you look.  (it’s my job to help you remember how beautiful you are) You’ll get a bit more daring, as you get more comfortable.  The end result is a classy, confident, private you for your partner.

To book your Boudoir session call or email me today. | 248.977.8136    To see examples of my boudoir photography visit my Pillow gallery.

This session also makes a great anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift!



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