Magic Kingdom

Guess what happened today?  It rained?  Why would I be so happy about rain you ask?  Because it wasn’t snow!  I am tired of all the snow, and not looking forward to the mud pit that will be my back yard.

I’m looking taking the Rain from today as a sign, a sign that warm weather is on the way, a sign that soon flowers will burst forth from the snow that’s left over, and stretch for the sky, basking in the warmth of the sun.  Know that I (along with most of you I’m sure) will be doing the same.  Why am I so excited?  With nice weather, comes magic, stylized portrait sessions, and one of my favorites, my Fairy Sessions.

This magical transformation happens once a year.  Last year, I was hoping for Fall colors, changing leaves and warm weather.  Michigan had other plans, really and my fairy sessions were a bit cold.  So, to help out my little fairies from holding off the chills, throwing off jackets between poses, I decided to bring the magic kingdom a bit earlier this year.   I’m holding off on the date (because school’s been pushed back & may be pushed a bit more-fingers crossed).

Here is one of my fairies.  She rocked it.

Sleep little Fairy, Sleep

Oxford Fairy Portrait

Staring off to the second star on the right.

Oakland County Fairy Portraits

What can I get up to today


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