Oxford Photographer Offers Cake Smash Sessions

cake_smash_clarkston Cake_smash_lake_orion Cake_Smash_OxfordIt’s Here! Your little one is finally, well ONE! YAY~! You are so excited. You have spent Months planning the first birthday party. Countless man hours browsing Pinterest finding the perfect theme, that matches your color scheme. Invitations were sent out 3 weeks prior to the party & everyone who is anyone on your guest list has already RSVP’d. You’ve nailed this! Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you! There are even games for the older siblings!

Finally the big day has arrived. The guests are straggling in (can’t anyone be here on time?). You are mentally going through your time-line, guests at 12, lunch at 1, cake at 2, presents at 3. Giving yourself a mini pep talk every 20 minutes. It’s time for the cake~ sighing to yourself, where did the time go? He can’t possibly be ONE year old already! The crowd begins to sing Happy Birthday, as they gather around his high chair. Now here are 3 possible scenarios of what could happen.

Cake Smash Scenario 1-You bring in the cake, caught in the moment, helping blow out the candles. Handing the birthday boy his first piece of birthday cake, then dishing out the rest to all of the guests. Ooh Wait, did anyone get Johnny’s photo eating his cake? What NO? What do you mean you were all to busy watching him, thinking Cousin Katie was taking the pictures, she had her phone out? What do you Mean you were texting?!?!

Cake Smash Scenario 2- You get dad to bring out the cake (way to go MOM!) and you are all posed and ready! Like I said Martha has nothing on you! Even Aunt Sally is assigned to dishing out the cake and ice cream to all the other guests. You are all set to snap away! Little Tommy bumps you, (that turned out blurry) Susies’ head pops up, (you can almost see him take his first bite). Now the cake is on the floor, and all over his face, you’ve exerted crowd control, and Snap! You have the cutest picture of his face smothered in cake & icing. Thankfully you have one decent photo, you upload to Facebook, print it at walmart or snap fish, and it’s a funny yellow tint to it, making him look like an Oompa-Loompa.

Cake Smash Scenario 3- You get to enjoy watching Little Johnny eat his cake, & take a small breather because you had a Cake Smash Session with Life’s Fotos! All you had to do, was take little Johnny to the studio, strip him down to his diaper and sit back! The talented (if I do say so myself) photographer had the cake, balloons & of course the proper lighting. Now you don’t have blurry snap shots with a tinted Oompa-Loompa baby, you have portraits, that can be cherished for a life time;(plus u didn’t have to clean up all that cake mess) that can be brought out at his big events such as High School Graduation & his Wedding to embarrassing him, lovingly of course for all to see!

Call to schedule your Cake Smash Session Today!  248.977.8136 | www.lifesfotos.com 



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