A Mother’s Love Portrait Session

Dates at the movies, road trips, and snap shots of this fine never-ending Michigan Winter, all captured with ease of the camera phone, showcasing my adventures with my daughter.


I love photographs, of all kinds (you can see why Portraits are so important to me in this blog post). Recently, I organized my personal photos, picasa is pretty great, this program detects faces, and allows you to tag events. It is pretty great, but it allowed me to realize how little of the snapshots I was in with my daughter. It is definitely accurate to say I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

These mementos are nice to have. And let’s be honest, they are not the most flattering…… a blank stare, hoping you are able to look natural as you are holding the camera still as possible, hoping, praying that your hand is steady enough as not to blur that one good enough shot.

308234_2299355599133_1847974680_n 1004878_10201895535405808_1523970222_n 75018_1606386275333_6712327_n

And in honor of my relationship with my daughter, I am offering A Mother’s Love portrait session. These limited portrait sessions are a great way to have lasting quality portraits, to love, cherish, and pass down for generations to come.


Chose from three packages at special pricing, where even the smallest package comes with two (2) mini albums. Other features are a personalized app that allows you to take your portraits with you on the go, proofs to take home that day (yay no waiting!) and a full size custom album with a beautiful lined presentation box. These make a great gift for mother’s day for grandma!

Sessions are available at this special pricing from March 22-29th only, and are limited in number. The first 5 to book will receive a special gift you won’t want to miss! Contact me today to reserve your A Mother’s love portrait session! 248.977.8136 or lifesfotos@gmail.com.


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