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It’s National Eating Disorder week.  I have a fact that you won’t believe, unless you are a mom of a young girl.  Then, like myself, I bet you can “remember a comment” that your young daughter has made, and this number won’t seem so outlandish.

I recently read an article, 5 Myths about Eating Disorders where it states that the National Eating Disorder Association reports that 42% of first-graders want to be thinner. 

I”ll let you take a moment in digest that information.  That is a sad & scary thought, isn’t it.  I know I can relate.  Please take a moment to read the bit under “Meet your Photographer” .


This was the sweater my daughter felt fat in.                           These photos are for her 7th birthday.

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I know we are our children’s biggest role models.   We strive to teach them good habits their entire life.  We remind them to say please and thank you, give the elder their seat, & eat their veggies.  We hope they learn how to treat others in a relationship, how to be self confident, not give into peer pressure, and I’m sure most can relate to needing to discuss “hot topics” earlier and earlier with each passing child.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a child learns by our example more then by what we “preach”.  I remember my mother saying “do what I say, not what I do” .  But it’s hard.  Everyday, your child seeing you chastising your figure, comparing yourself to that famous person on the magazine (who’s been Photoshopped btw)  with media & Hollywood setting unrealistic expectations.    Now I’m not saying  Gluttony.  is ok, and  sitting on the couch for hours on end eating bon bon’s & ice cream is a good example.

But instead of constant criticizing our figure, tossing clothes on the bed in an exasperated attempt to find something to wear, maybe we (myself included) need to focus on loving who we are, how we are, and know that we would be setting a good example for our children.   I exercise at home (when my arm isn’t in a sling, and let me tell you, typing one handed is a bit difficult) so my daughter can see, not that I”m not happy with my appearance, but my steps to be healthier & happier with myself (on all aspects)

So,  here it is.  For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I want to hear about your child’s  (boy or girl) self examination. (school age only)  What they have mentioned in the past that they don’t like about themselves.   WHY?  you ask.  Simple, because I will give them a portrait session, where they will end up LOVING themselves. Seeing that they are beautiful, special, unique & wonderful.  It’s no contest, all who share their TRUE story will get a session and 1 5×7 (no obligation to buy).   I will be taking stories up until march 15th.   Major Caryn Follier of the US Army, with Arbone will teach about skin care & healthy living prior to the session.

Please submit your story by filling out the contact form below.  I look forward to meeting you & helping your child love who they are!

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Oxford Photographer Offers Cake Smash Sessions

cake_smash_clarkston Cake_smash_lake_orion Cake_Smash_OxfordIt’s Here! Your little one is finally, well ONE! YAY~! You are so excited. You have spent Months planning the first birthday party. Countless man hours browsing Pinterest finding the perfect theme, that matches your color scheme. Invitations were sent out 3 weeks prior to the party & everyone who is anyone on your guest list has already RSVP’d. You’ve nailed this! Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you! There are even games for the older siblings! (more…)

Out of my Box as a Portrait Photographer in Oxford Mi

I am a portrait photographer. I mainly work in my studio in Oxford Mi, where I can control light.

Needless to say I was a bit out of my COMFORT ZONE when I attended my very best friends’ sons’ swim meet. Of course I brought my camera, and I have to say I liked it. More then liked it, and I must say, the sports photographs turned out great. With a few more events under my belt……. Well what do you think? Which version do you like. Standard or a bit Gritty?



Not all photographers are created equal, Oxford Photographer

My cousin had her extended family portraits taken a few months ago. She learned that not all photographers are created equal. They went rented some cabins, and the facility offered portraits. I’m pretty sure they knew ahead of time because they are all wearing khaki’s and white shirts.

Before we get started, I asked her if I could post about it on my blog. I could go into detail about what I would have done differently, with posing, and other details,  but  instead, I”ll just show you  (if we took the exact same photo) what my client would have received as a final product.


I am able to post both photographs because this photographer sold the copyrights. This allowed her to do anything she wants with the photographs, like allowing her cousin the photographer, who may be to far away to take the photographs, but thanks to the world wide web, was able to edit them.

I work with my clients from the start, advising on clothing, make up, all the way down to the shoes.  I take the time to vary poses, let little girls look like little girls, and boys like boys. Proving that not all photographers are created equal. It really is the age old idem of “you get what you pay for”.

Just a side note:  Photographers, or MOST photographers don’t sell copy rights. Some sell print rights, (and even that’s rare-especially if they’ve been around for a while-the newbies tend to start out this way)  but not copy rights. For more information on the difference, you can check out my blog post “When is it Stealing”.

There is this photograph floating around FB of a big burly man, holding an intricket sketch of Pegasus so his tattoo artist can see and tattoo him.  The rendering is not quite the same, and it look more like a drawing from a 1st grader.  Here the link if you are interested.


Fairies come to Oxford, Clarkston Michigan area!

In the in between times when day fades into night or Spring melts into Summer and at the in between places where paths converge a veil is parted between the worlds, and one may enter. Join this magical world in a Fairy Session by Oxford’s premier photographer! Fall Fairy Sessions are held once a year!
RSVP to reserve your spot today!

This was such a fun series!~  SO much fun, that I am doing it again in September (email me for details  The reactions from the moms were overwhelming.  I had mom’s cry, and dads  over joyed (who thought dads would be so excited about photos?)   The little girls were amazed, loving that they had wings.  They didn’t wear wings during the session).   Here are some of the reactions from the mom’s themselves!


“I can’t believe how awesome Anniston looks on that branch!! I keep looking at how amazing it is!!”

I Love!! Thank You for Everything!!  My husband also Loved the pictures!!”

“my mother in law LOVED the pics!!!”


fall fairy

If you are interested in having  your little on experience the Magical World of Faries, contact me today!


A little girl in a Big way-Oxford Mi Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this little girl….. some of you may recognize those stunning blue eyes.  She has been on my business cards as a 3 month old, and I photograph her every time I go back home to Mercer / Auglaize County Ohio.

Miss Emily poses like a pro, and her session lasted only about 15 minutes.  I make sure to get the photographs needed, but if you stretch it out to much with little ones, you will lose them fast, and everyone gets frustrated, leaving you with less then desirable photographs.

I can’t wait to have our One-on-One session again next year! Image If you would like to schedule an appointment, call or text 248-977-8136 today!