Oxford Photographer- Can you keep a secrete?


Can you keep a secrete? I am working on a project for my Grandmother’s birthday. She’s turning 72 in September. She’s endured much in her life. She is a mother of 3 ~ that’s where I am going to begin.

In 1981 she lost her youngest daughter to a violent crime. In 1993 she lost her first grandchild to a motorcycle accident , in 2008 her eldest daughter lost her battle to a prolonged disease.

As you can imagine photographs have been a very important part of my family (read my memory keeper for more). I was 1 when my youngest Aunt passed away. I still know Valda through photographs and stories. My daughter is never knew her Uncle Justin, however she knows him through stories & photographs too, along with Aunt Jan.

So here it is. Over the summer, I went to Portraits by Char, who happens to be a great photographer & my cousin! So she took some fantastic photographs of my daughter and myself, then I transformed them into what you are about to see. I am printing this on Canvas and presenting it to her when I surprise her for dinner a week before her birthday. This is more then a photograph, it’s a 3 Generation Portrait that she thought would never get to happen.



or this one….. which one do you prefer?


There isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t think about you, miss you & wish you were here on earth with us.




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