A New Venture with Mumbling Mommy & Life’s Fotos

I am proud to announce that I have joined forces with Mumbling Mommy, a blog about, well parenting, the pitfalls, the challenges & let us not forget the triumphs!  Once a month, my piece is to help you know more about your camera, and how to take better photographs of your family in general. This month, our topic is that little night time icon on your camera, & how to get the most out of it.  I have to admit, that my goal for you, is to not use the icons at all, and definitely not use AUTO!    I have little assignments or tests for you to do, to see how you grow, and to encourage each other.  We’ve made a FB group for you to post your images, but feel free to post them here too!  Here’s the link to that group.


I will post the link to my entry every month right here on my LIfe’s Fotos Blog, but feel free to check out all the other great posts on  Mumbling Mommy via FB for paretning tips, stories, & general points of view.


Keep checking back here & my facebook page to for my new article!


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