Oxford Photographer Showcases Cats that need a home.

Top 10 Reasons why you should Adopt a Cat.

#10: No barking. Cats are quiet, very quiet. No barking when the mail man comes, or a leaf blows across your yard.

#9: House Trained. With a litter box, it takes care of those pesky winter walks. Just remember to empty them out.

#8: Easy Going Lifestyle. With cats sleeping about 15 hrs a day, they are purfect for those cold winter days ahead where you can cozy up w/ a good book all day and not feel guilty about it.

#7: They are independent & require little supervision. Not needing to be let outside or go on walks, unless you want to.

#6: Independent but cuddly. They are warm, cozy & make excellent lap& feet warmers, when they want to of course.

#5: No fighting them in the Tub, because they bathe themselves.

#4: Great Hunters. They will help keep your house clear of unwanted pests & laser pointers.

#3: Pre screened. They come with all their vaccines, neutered/spayed and have been checked for heart worms.

#2: Helping you live longer. Having a pet has shown to improve blood pressure, heart disease & petting this lovely feline friend releases good endorphins in the brain.

#1: You are saving a life. Many cats are taken in each year by shelters & 3 to 4 million cats & dogs are eventually euthanized.


These cute little kittens need adopted from Crafty Cat Rescue Center. This facility is a no kill shelter, and is currently unable to accept more cats at this time. What a great holiday present for your family this year! Contact Crafty Cat Rescue at 734-332-1621 today.


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