This post is a bit different from my norm.  I love Halloween!   And this year, since we now have plenty of space and trees (yay) we decided to make a Ghost Tree!   It was easy, simple, and my daughter loved it.

First, your supplies.

1 box of white garbarage bags (dollar store for $1)

1 spool of white ribbon (dollar store for $1)

Giant Christmas bulbs (dollar store for $1 each) 

Sharpie & Scissors


Use your scissors to cut a small slit at the top of  the garbage bag.  This is where you slide the bulb string through. 


Slip the thread through, then pull the trash bags over the bulb


Use the string to tie the trash bag tight under the bulb.  If you wish, cut long & short slits in the trash bag to create movement.


Draw your face.  You may need to use the ribbon  to extend the hanging portion so it wraps around the tree branch.




And now you have your spooky Halloween Tree!

BTW, did you notice that yellow tint to the photographs in the step by step?  I shot those with my IPHONE which doesn’t allow you to adjust the white balance (like SLR”s, and even most point and shoots these days).  If you are getting a tint to your photos, you can do two things

1) check your manual and find out how to adjust your white balance

2) turn off the lights, and bring in natural light by going outside or close to a window.

This endth the lesson!


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