Not all photographers are created equal, Oxford Photographer

My cousin had her extended family portraits taken a few months ago. She learned that not all photographers are created equal. They went rented some cabins, and the facility offered portraits. I’m pretty sure they knew ahead of time because they are all wearing khaki’s and white shirts.

Before we get started, I asked her if I could post about it on my blog. I could go into detail about what I would have done differently, with posing, and other details,  but  instead, I”ll just show you  (if we took the exact same photo) what my client would have received as a final product.


I am able to post both photographs because this photographer sold the copyrights. This allowed her to do anything she wants with the photographs, like allowing her cousin the photographer, who may be to far away to take the photographs, but thanks to the world wide web, was able to edit them.

I work with my clients from the start, advising on clothing, make up, all the way down to the shoes.  I take the time to vary poses, let little girls look like little girls, and boys like boys. Proving that not all photographers are created equal. It really is the age old idem of “you get what you pay for”.

Just a side note:  Photographers, or MOST photographers don’t sell copy rights. Some sell print rights, (and even that’s rare-especially if they’ve been around for a while-the newbies tend to start out this way)  but not copy rights. For more information on the difference, you can check out my blog post “When is it Stealing”.

There is this photograph floating around FB of a big burly man, holding an intricket sketch of Pegasus so his tattoo artist can see and tattoo him.  The rendering is not quite the same, and it look more like a drawing from a 1st grader.  Here the link if you are interested.



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