My Happy Place as a Photographer in Oxford

My Great Grandmother had a farm, and I have photos of me on the “family” pony before I could even walk.  Then at 8, I got that wish every girls asks for…. a pony for Christmas and Blaze was all wrapped up in a big red bow! My Aunt and I would go camping, pulling the horse trailer behind, and I couldn’t wait for the set up to be done and go to my Happy Place.  Riding on a crisp fall day, having my body fall into rhythm with my horse…. clip clop clip clop.   The blowing wind taking my troubles, worries, & concerns with it.

Now, fast forward 15 years……I took a trip to my home town after the 4th of July.   It’s a small town in Ohio,  with acres and acres of corn & bean fields.  Somethings haven’t changed.  The fairgrounds still house my uncle’s horses, he has several, and one he races at River Downs in Ohio.  Side story….. My family just purchased a 10 acre farm, and I can’t wait to share my love with my daughter!…… so during the mornings, I take her to the fairgrounds and she brushes Uncle Ted’s horses, helps tie them up to  the track truck, I even taught her to pick their hooves.  He even trusted her to unwrap his racing horses’ feet.

We finally got the opportunity to saddle up Nick, his trail horse, and headed over to the arena.  Once again, I was in my Happy Place & able to share it with my daughter!IMG_1670 IMG_1681 IMG_1632 IMG_1647 IMG_1668



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