Glamour Portraits in Oxford MI

It’s finally here!  I can’t wait for you to have a glimpse at a Glamour Portrait Session by Life’s Fotos!   Click here!

Here is what some of my clients had to say…-

“Thank you again SO SO much Cara! We had such a wonderful day and I will always have that memory! 🙂 you have no idea how much the whole experience and the life long photos mean to me. Me and(mom)  were just cracking up (again) over the outtake shot ;)”

“Thanks from me too Cara! A special day spent with my beautiful and Mother and Daughter! We had a wonderful day and I’ll cherish it forever!”


Friday, May 31st will be your chance to get 50% off your Glamour Session fee…. or any portrait session fee actually.  It’s one day only~  Send me an email, call/text me at 248-977-8136 or stop by my office!




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