What Camera do I need?

I get asked this question a lot by friends, clients & family wanting to get professional looking photographs at home.  I’m never  sure how to answer this question, and I will tell you why.

Take a look at the following pictures.

photo (4) photo (3) photo (1)

photo photo (7)

Those are nice photos aren’t they?  Would you pay for them if they were taken at a studio?  I’ll let you in on a little secrete, I took these with my I phone.   There are no filters or anything.  I didn’t even crop them.  Straight from my I phone to my email to this post.

Now take a look at these photographs.

photo (1) photo (3) photo (4)

photo photo (7)

See the difference?  A photographer does more then just snap a photo.  We take the time to adjust, fine tune, tweak, whatever term you want to use, to give you the best looking print possible. Now each photographer has their own style, and the photographs will represent their personal taste.  We have learned, as photographers, you can’t please everyone, and most will not readjust our style to fit yours.  But that’s an entire other post -finding the right photographer for you.

So I guess the answer to this question of what camera do I need to Professional looking photographs.  Is you don’t need a new camera.  Any camera will work, as you learn how to really work your settings, look at lighting, posing, and then taking the time to learn the right software (I like gimp.org) fine tune your photographs.  It’s not as simple as looking through the view finder, clicking the shutter, and voila you have a professional photograph.

For those special moments in time that you want to capture, need to capture so they last a life time and then able to pass down, find a professional photographer.  That is not saying that you can not learn how to take better photographs of your own.  Will they be Professional grade, probably not.  Will they be better then what you were doing before, definitely.  Join me on my monthly Tips & Tricks guest blog at Mumbling, here is the link to my past tip of the month articles.


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