A Daughter’s Love this Mother’s Day

No ones loves like a Mother.  It starts from the moment we find out a life is growing inside of us.  To celebrate this Mother’s Day, I hosted a giveaway.  I had people from all over nominating friends, a second mother, and of course their own Mother.  The stories I received were so uplifting, and I will share the winner’s story with you. 


Sheila writes

“My mom and I have always been extremely close, but it’s been difficult the last two years because I have been stationed with my husband who is in the Army overseas in the Netherlands with her grandson.  In the mean time I had my daughter and my mom wasn’t able to afford being there when she was born and has only seen her granddaughter through skype and during our one visit home.  My father, the love of her life also died since we’ve been stationed overseas and she was able to stay strong for her children and grandchildren.  While military soldiers and their spouses and kids make so much sacrifice, there is also sacrifice done by the loved ones who get left behind when the military calls for us to move or relocate far away to serve the U.S.  My mom has always been supportive and there for her family unconditionally and with this being another mother’s day we will have to be apart I think it will make her day to win a free mother’s day portrait session…..”  It goes on to say that her Mother has just graduated  from College!


Congratulations to Michelle Ullman.  I can’t wait to photograph you, you deserve it!


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