A new product that I LOVE!

I try to be healthy.  And I know if goodness goes in, then you have a better you.  And of course, with the news stories these past few months of pink slime, & GMO’s ( Genetically Modified Organism).  I hate giving my kid medicine, I hate taking it myself, and sadly I find myself taking more and more.  I can’t sleep, my mind just doesn’t want to quit.  Then I have migraines.  The meds that I take for this, leaves a zombie more social than I am.

SO when I found an 100% Certified Theraputic Grade Oil that could take care of my migraines without leaving me  envying the Living Dead, I had to try it.   Now I have to say I am still waiting for this particular oil in the mail, and of course it had to be the one I was most excited about.  And like every other women, I can’t buy just one!  I also purchased a Oil that acts like an antibiotic.  How cool is this!  It’s called On Guard by Detorra Oils.  My kid had a cough, which tends to linger for what seems like months.  I rubbed a drop of this on the bottom of each of her feet at bedtime, and within 2 nights it’s gone.  How cool is that!  Talk about a piece of mind for a mother!  And it’s safe to use if you are pregnant, nursing & on newborns.

They have oils for everything.  ADD, addiction, Respiratory problems, everything under the sun.  I’m really excited about these!   Have I mentioned that already?  Besides single oils & blends that have already been concocted, they have a line of products for skin, hair, & digestion.

For more information, check out their website where they go into detail about how the oils are extracted, what makes them special & all the bits and pieces you should know.  www.detorra.com

Then if you like what you see, I’ve started a FB group.  Join us on it here.  You won’t be sorry!





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