Learning & Growing

I love photography.,  I love taking photos of Women who felt like they could never like a photo, & finally able to see herself as beautiful.  I adore little naked babies, and watching them grow up into little people, then teenagers.  All this is great.  I wish this is all it took for me to do what I love, and pay the bills.  What I don’t like, but what is necessary is learning how to reach my market, learning how to set up my website, so search engines find it (I’m still working on this one, so if you know, please chime in)

This is what I am doing now….. learning & growing.  It never stops really,  There is always some new social media that keeps changing *cough facebook cough*  or a new “MUST HAVE” for photographers.  I’m learning not to fall for that, but some of it looks ssoo pretty, and obviously I NEED IT!  I’ve signed up to witness some pretty amazing EXPERTS in the Photog business, or just in the BIZ in general.  I am so excited to be able to learn from these fantastic people.  Their energy, their passion, their love really is contagious.

So with this new year, you may see some changes at Life’s Fotos Portraiture Design.  One of them, is updating my blog a bit more.  The problem with this, is I’m sure you don’t want to know every session I do, because let’s face it, you can see the photos on FB or my website, why come here?  I’ll be adding some personal stories.  How I got my love for Photography, what the kid and I did while my hubby was away in Mexico, or the things I miss about living in China.

I hope you will stick around to read, OOhh and if you have a question about anything really, I’ll give you my opinion on the matter, photography related or not.


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