Know YOU are beautiful.

This is a blog post from the Great Sue Bryce, who photographs REAL Women…. She touches on REAL beauty. You need to believe you are a gift, someone to be valued, because you are just as beautiful as the next person. Love the person you are right now, today, because you are special.


Here is a bit off her blog.

“I won’t counter your body fears with compliments. I will listen to what you don’t like about yourself and discreetly make sure these things look fabulous when I pose you.  If I cannot do that, I will fix it a little in Photoshop and you will NEVER know.  I will make you laugh, and I will make you cry.  But only because you are a Woman, and your beautiful emotions sit very close to the surface.  When I get thru your worries and fears, when I find out what you want and desire, I will enjoy bringing forward the beautiful light inside you that makes you shine with complete love for yourself.  The whole time I’m doing this I will be filled thru to my core with the joy of watching your confident, unguarded self shine.  Because that is the greatest part of my job.  Then you will get to see yourself how others see you.”


I am ecstatic to say that I am spending 3 days with her via Creative Live.

I PROMISE you…. I know what beautiful looks like.

Just Relax, trust me.

I CAN find your beauty.

I CAN see it.

I CAN capture it.

I CAN show it back to you.

I CAN take your breath away…..



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