Tips and tricks, Family Portraits…. plan ahead

One of the most common  traditions during the holidays is the Family Photo.  Sometimes, it’s not feasible to get all the aunts, uncles, cousins into a professional studio (like mine :}) with everyone’s schedule being as busy as they are…… I mean, it’s hard enough to find time to schedule your IMMEDIATE family for a photo session.   Thus, while everyone is gathering around, waiting  for that Christmas  dinner to be ready, take the opportunity and get  that extended family photo.    Just make sure to plan ahead.

If your goal is to get a family photo with the ENTIRE family, make sure they know what you have in store.  Give them the opportunity to do their hair, put on a bit of make up, and to have chosen the nice, but slightly uncomfortable pants, vs the ultra stretchy sweat pants….

Depending on how excited everyone is, you might ask for coordinating outfits.  The key word is Coordinating, not matchie matchie.   Everyone one could be in kakhis & a white shirt, work on coordinating colors, not styles, or type of clothing.     If  you have a very large family, have each one pick a color theme.  Sally’s family will be in orange, Chris’ in Browns, while mom & dad are in Yellow.  This works great, to help identify who goes with what parents.

Plan for early in the day, that way, everyone is well rested, the babies have had plenty of sleep, and are more willing to corporate, & there’s less of a chance that Uncle Bob will spill cranberry sauce on his white shirt!

Now that the coordinating is done, it’s up to you to get the photograph that captures your family.  Maybe everyone sits around the table playing a game before hand,  or you  want to get a more posed photo, if the weather is nice, go outside…….. and throw snow around.

So start planning now for that Christmas family photography!

Happy Holidays from Life’s Fotos, llc Portraiture Design





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