Tips & tricks Thanksgiving colors

Thanksgiving dinner  is a colorful spectacle with dark red cranberry sauce, green casseroles, orange pies, the meal alone will be a warm rainbow full of colors.   Capture this with out using your flash!    A flash, especially indoors tends to mute  & wash them out.   Since there isn’t a chance of your Turkey running off your table, set your shutter speed a bit slower, this allows more the more light to come into the camera, before it shuts, capturing all the rich colors of your Thanksgiving display. (if you can not manually adjust your shutter speed, every camera has a night setting, it’s usually depicted by stars around a sky scrapper)   You will need to keep still, use a tri pod, or  set your self up against the back of a chair, something to help steady the camera.  If not, the pictures will turn out blurry.     Take this test.  Use your flash on one, then slow your shutter speed, steady yourself, and take the photo.    Which one do you like better?

I”d love to see your comparisons!


Happy Thanks giving.

from Life’s Foto’s  Portraiture Design, LLC


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