Look great in the Christmas photos

Most people tend to get photos of the kids with Santa, & other portraits done at Christmas time, a few families include the adults too.  Those who don’t usually stand behind the “i’ve put on weight at thanksgiving”, so here are a few keys ways to help keep that extra bit off so you can join the children this holiday season in the portrait studio, while looking & feeling great, when you send out those christmas cards!


Attending a holiday party?

Hors d’oeuvre’s are being served?  eat before you go.

Don’t wear comfy clothes, we tend to eat more then.

Focus on the friends & family, not the food.

make sure you drink lots of water to fill your stomach up.

Buffet style party?

One plate, filled w/ primarily raw veggies & fruit.  Stick to about 5oz of protein.

Try to stay away from sauces, gravies & dips

Do not allow yourself to feel deprived.

Look closely at “most” of the people at the party who are INDULGING in the fattening foods, chances are you will be reminded of WHY you have made your decision!



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