Tips & Tricks: Balancing your photography.

I recently talked to some mom’s about how to take better photos…. and addressed balance.

If you place your main subject off-center, as with the rule of thirds, it creates a more interesting photo, but it can leave a void in the scene which can make it feel empty. Balance the “weight” of your subject by including another object of lesser importance to fill the space.

You can find the examp…les in the album Photography tips & tricks

2713: NOT well balanced. There’s a huge VOID to the left.
dsc 2713 well balanced. There’s a little bit, off to the left, to help it feel balanced. but not over powering.
dsc 08050: lots of tiny outside elements, the cliff to the right, the horizon and cliff on the left, with the main focus on the boats, a balance photo should also show depth.
33. It’s off center, but (this is more a personal feeling here) I think it’s still balanced because of the leading lines off to the left.

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