Halloween is close in Shanghai

Here at Life’s fotos, I am gearing up for Halloween.  It was my favorite holiday in the states, having hot apple cider while waiting in line for a haunted house to be scared!  It was very much a family tradition!  There were a few years growing up, we even turned our own house into a haunted trick or treat house with the candy at the end.  The older kids from the neighborhood helped.  IT was awesome!  So no wonder, I still get excited about this holiday while far way in Shanhgai China.  Tho, I haven’t found haunted houses, (if you know of some, let me know!)  I like to bring a little spook to Shanghai.

I have purchased a few new backgrounds for Halloween that I will use for my TRICK OR TREAT special (i even have costumes), and also just finished designing a LOT of cards.

Take a look!  A great thing about the way my cards work.  You can use your own picture! Email me the picture, with the card of choice (this works the same for ALL of my cards) and wording, once payment has been confirmed, you will receive a HIGH RES digital format jpg, to take to your favorite print shop, or to email directly, post on facebook, etc etc.  You can take advantage of this from around the world, technology has made the world flat!   Inquires send email to lifesfotos@gmail.com

So here they are, ENJOY!


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