Long Summer

So as most of you know, the summer time for expats in Shangai, is a time when we flee the city and go home, where ever that may be.   Caroline and I enjoyed our trip back to the states, visiting family, catching up with friends, seeing how big all the children grew.   It was great fun.  All the while, the kid would ask, when are we going back to China.  Well, now here we are, on our Third week of school, and soccer, and gymnastics.  (all via multisport btw, she loves the coaches and it’s in Jinqaio at dulwich) And of course the heat and humidity were still here to welcome us back!  Tho is seems that the temperatures may finally be in a semi comfort zone, it’s nothing like fall in the states.

I have lots of plans and specials for the year ahead.   I currently have a Back 2 School Special (check it out on the photography special page :>})   Watch in October for a Trick or Treat special, I just purchased some great backdrops for this! And of course I’ll have a Christmas Card Special mid November-Mid December.   I have just purchased 4 new backgrounds, 1 for trick or treat, 2 for the kiddies (a princess and a “cars” theme) and something for my Graduation crowd.  I’ll be adding a page with a snap shot of all the backgrounds I have to offer, so it will be easier for you to know how to dress, coordinate, and to know what you want!

I am currently gearring up for the Shanghai mama’s launch party.  If you are not familiar with this organization, it’s great for mama’s and papas here in Shanghai of course!  It’s a forum type organization, where you can post questions, about where to find what, how much it costs, ayi’s, schools, everything.  IT’s a wealth of Information.  (sign up at http://www.shanghaimamas.org) Anyway, they are having their launch party as they outgrew Yahoo groups.  I will have a table set up there, stop by, come out and see us.  Green Valley Villas, 999 Jianhe Lu, Hongqiao on Saturday September 18th!   There will be raffles and balloons for the kiddies!

I can’t believe, I almost forgot, I am now published!  Do you remember Skoose designs from an earlier post?  Well, there is a nice little boutique in Bejing that has requested some of fab items, and you guessed it.  My photographs will be there!  They are already online for the shop at (http://www.babygro.com.cn/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=374 )

More will be added soon, I’m very excited about this for myself as well as Skoose!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Summer!


One comment

  1. its good to hear all the little extras…im so glad and happy your photos are being published in other shops…good for u keep up the great work..

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