Recent projects in Shanghai

Here are a few shots that I have worked on for SKOOSEDesign.  She makes quality girly items here in Shngahi, tutus, leg warmers, hairbows, etc.  It’s great.  Here are a few that I have worked on.  If you visit her site, you may just see some.

I’ve also just finished a couple of albums for Healing homes, and adoptive families from  the Baobei foundation.

Ellie’s forever family date finally went through!  She’s now on her way back to the states with her new official family (even tho they’ve had her almost 2 yrs)  Congratulations!

This is Hanna.  She’s been in several Healing homes until Cathy Sue took her in.  Cathy Sue is repatriating this sumer, and it looks like it will come down to the wire, to see if Hanna’s forever family date comes first.  Even if it doesn’t, her AYI will be with her until her new family in Mississippi can come and get her.   I wish them the best of luck to shorten this lengthy process!


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