A fantastic partnership in Shanghai

Saturday, the 27th, I went to a Peas & Pod bazaar.  A ballroom at the local Holiday INN Shanghai Vista, was filled with row after row of tables.  Some from vendors, like myself, some moms, sellling gently used items, others from moms selling their handmade crafts.  One such mom  was Suzanne.  She’s a cute, personable mom who makes everything Girl, and a few boy items as well.  We are talking Tutus, hair bows, bow ties, Crayon tool belts for the boys, nursing wraps for the mamas.  It’s fantastic.   She happened to see a p icture I had on display of Baby Jessica, (my first baobei baby) in her multi colored tutu (which was made by Suzanne), and love the photograph!  I had purchased the TUTU  at a local spa.   Suzanne is in need of some quality photos showcasing her products.  Needless to say, we struck a deal!  I now have 3 tutus, leg warmers, head bands and bow galore!   If you would like to check out her products, visit her website at

http://www.skoosedesign.com.  It’s still in the construction, or re construction rather.  You’ll know which photos are mine, by the watermark Life’s fotos!    It’s quality stuff, and for those who have “princess girly girls” this shop is perfect!


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