The rain has finally stopped in Shanghai

The sun is out, and according to the weather man (lets hope he is right) it should be a sunny weekend.   Tho I must say, that the other day while it snowed in Pudong, that a friend of mine went across the river to IKEA, and the sun was out.  Maybe I am just living on the wrong side??

When I find tid pits going on, I’ll want to pass them along to my fellow Shanghaiese. IT’s not just about photography here, this is a BIG city, and there are lots going on.  Besides checking out, I hope you will find ODD things here, that might not make it to the bigger sites.

Like this for instance.

We love our pets.  And it’s hard to track down all the stuff we need, right, RIGHT.  So, according to another site that I am a memeber of (plug) shanghaimama’s, That’s right, not only am I a shanghai photographer, but I am also a Shanghai Mama, lol, there is a PET FAIR.

it’s at Intex which is at 88 Lou Shan Guan Lu across from several consulates in the Hongqiao area and bordered by Xingyi Lu

Friday is open to the general public Tickets are 30 RMB. Opens at 9:30, closes at 4. You can bring your dog if you want.

They are said to have beds, leashes, food, everything a pet lover could possibly want.   Let me know if you went, and what you think.


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