Working with Baobei foundation

First let me tell you a little bit about this foundation.

Baobei has been established to improve the lives of precious Chinese orphans who have been born with critical Neurological and Gastro-Intestinal disorders. They continue caring for them by providing healing aftercare. Upon hospital release, Baobei takes over by accommodating the children with a loving environment in which close attention is paid to full healing. If you are as moved by this organization, as I am and want to do something, whether is a big involvement, like volunteering to be a Healing Home, or supplying much need items, such as bottles, diapers and general otc medication, contact Baobei Foundation at at or visit their website at

My first shoot was yesterday of Baby Jessica.  She’s a GI Baobei baby, who has been matched with her adoptive parents (whom are also her Healing House Parents) and it just turned out that Jessica turned 1 on March 7th!  The shoot was fun, lots of smiles, and snacks to be had!  Here are some of the pictures.

Best of luck to Baby Jessica & her parents.  I hope it becomes official soon!


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